1. How much does GJA cost? We work to ensure that GJA has the most affordable tuition possible. This is possible because we are blessed to be well-supported by our church family. Please, compare our prices against other local private schools in the area (or anywhere) and be amazed. Our up-to-date prices can be found in our handbook.  Also, applications for tuition assistance through the church are available upon request

2. Do you have to have to be a Seventh-Day Adventist to attend?  Certainly not. We are a Seventh-Day Adventist institution, hold to Biblical principles, and ask all of our students to abide by the handbook policies, but we welcome anyone who seeks a high-quality education within our walls. 

3. How long is your school day? During the school year, our normal school hours are from 8:15-3:30. 

4.  Do you offer before or after school care? As a small school, we are unable to offer those particular services. The earliest students may be dropped off at school is 7:45 am and we ask parents to pick up their children before 3:45 pm. 

5. Is there a bus service? If logistics are an issue, we encourage carpooling with other GJA families who live nearby. The large geographical spread of students who attend would make running a bus extremely inefficient.  

Do you have other questions that we didn't answer? Please contact us!